30 Fabulous Victorian Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Fabulous Victorian Bohemian Home Decor Ideas 14

Shabby chic bedding refers to any type of bedding that has a distressed, antique look in order to give a sort of aged, elegant look. The term “shabby chic” was coined by an interior decoration magazine in the 1980s, and has been used ever since to describe a style of art where older objects are recycled without being completely revitalized, or where new objects are intentionally distressed in a way that gives them the appearance of being old and worn.

Here, we’ll take a look at the shabby chic movement as well as how you can use bedding that follows this style to decorate your home. This style of decorating is so much fun because it allows you to recreate the elegance and taste of turn of the century French chateaus, the honesty of the Bohemian movement, and the simplicity and functionality of the Shakers all in one go.

This kind of bedding is a lot of fun because it offers a unique way to approach a room, especially if the house or furniture in the room is a little older. This will keep the bed from sticking out like a sore thumb, but will lend the room a look of elegance and class at the same time.

Shabby C rooms tend to be decorated with objects that are either genuinely old, generally coming from at least fifty to sixty years ago, that have been cleaned and revitalized but in a way that helps them maintain their worn and well-loved look, or that are new and have been intentionally worn by the creator.

This process is called distressing, and many designers will apply and then wear away coats of paint, apply cracked varnish, and replace knobs with antique-style ones to give objects an older look. These beddings usually has either some sort of frilly, lacy effect, or is reminiscent of a semi-Victorian style.

Shabby chic bedding has become popular again with the revitalization of the Bohemian style. Recycled objects and distressed pseudo-antiques are once again used in decoration and this style fits in very nicely with this overall look. Of course, shabby chic beds are very comfortable as well as being attractive. If you have an older home with a classic style of d├ęcor or if you want to try out a new decorating scheme, then choosing shabby chic for your room’s look is a good way to go.

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