30 The Best Mission Revival Homes Architecture Ideas

The Best Mission Revival Homes Architecture Ideas 30

If you have been wondering what a Spanish Revival home would look like, then the following few lines are a must read for you to enhance your knowledge, taste and might as well develop liking that will be enough to make you get your hands on one. This kind of architecture is typically a mixture of the early Spanish colonial architecture with elements of the Mission style and Pueblo style of architecture as well. This type of architecture first came about in the early parts of the 20th century and has evolved in the next few decades to its present form.

The modern homes that are being built with this architectural pattern have some of the typical features incorporated in them. The Mediterranean area near the Iberian Peninsula is an area in Europe which sees a lot of sun and hence, the homes, particularly the interiors of the homes tend to get heated a bit too much. In order to keep the interiors cool, the early Spanish used to make the walls of their homes very thick by using double or sometimes even triple layers of brick.

Moreover, after the layers of brick used to be planted, there used to be a layer of stucco. This pattern is also being followed in the Spanish Revival style of architecture, especially in the southern states where it is very warm and this enables the house to keep at least a bit cool. Another magnificent feature from the aesthetic point of view is the red tiles that are used to cover the bricks. This is also a typically Mediterranean concept and the tiles are made to over hang a bit and this lends the homes a very charming and gorgeous look. These tiles are not colored but made from red clay, which keeps the natural element intact.

Another significant feature of the Spanish Revival style of architecture is the doors and windows. The doors and windows in Spanish structures have always been large. The houses that are being built now also have large doors and windows that are rounded at the top and the doors and windows have a lot of carving on them, which make them feel and look very delicate and add a new dimension to the homes.

The most typical feature of this style of architecture is the rounded columns that are present in all kinds of structures, be it churches, homes and so on and so forth. This tradition has also been held on to by the Spanish Revival architecture and the highly carved columns add a lot of value to the homes when they are put there. If you live in the southern states and if you have the money at your disposal, then these structures are the ones that you should invest in. As soon as you walk into one of these homes, you will feel very cozy and feel the intimacy as well.

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