35 Lovely Glitter Wall Paint Ideas For Beautiful Bedroom

Lovely Glitter Wall Paint Ideas For Beautiful Bedroom 24

Any little girl will love Fairy bedroom décor. She will be able to create her own magical world in which to pursue her hopes and dreams. Making her room into fairyland is easy because there are so many fantastic accessories available both in stores and online. You’ll be able to find bedding, pillows, shams, wallpaper, lamps, and a plethora of other items that will turn her room into a mystical, private haven. Many of the items you can buy create specific theme rooms, such as an English bedtime story room or a Tinkerbell room.

Close your eyes and imagine a world of fantasy, a world where magical things happen every day, and anyone can become the princess or fairy they dream of being. Dreams become realities there, and imagination goes a long way towards creating a magical world your daughter can call her own or share with you. With a pinch of pixie dust and some whimsical furnishings, her room can become her ivory tower of pure delight.

To start with you need to have an idea of what your daughter wants if she’s old enough to tell you her ideas. It’s no good just to create the room of your dreams when she’s the one who’s going to live in it. Help her decide on a solid wall color, and paint the walls. If her room has hardwood floors, you’ll be able to add a colorful rug that matches the walls or else a patterned one that introduces a light-hearted mix of colors.

After the painting is done, it’s time to find the magical trimmings that will bring the room to life. With a little effort, you’ll be amazed at what you can find. There are wallpaper borders, clocks, pictures, decorative shelves, and a multitude of different figurines that sit, hang, and even serve functional purposes. Try revving up the walls with a coat of clear paint containing glitter. Soon the room will sparkle with a magical aura. Or you might try painting climbing plants on the walls that wind their way up to the ceiling. Make sure to hide plenty of tiny fairies in the vines!

When deciding on fabrics, remember that fairies are light, fanciful creatures, and select only thin, delicate materials. One special effect you can achieve with fabric is to create an airy curtain that will encompass the bed and send your little one on her own magic carpet ride each time she climbs in for a rest. Start with sparkly, fairy-themed fabrics. Drape them over the existing curtains and from the ceiling to make a secret place for all of her dreaming.

If you have a large budget, you can even purchase entire groups of sparkling fairy furniture. For a fairy effect at a lower price, you can purchase furniture in soft pastels and accent it with fluffy, whimsical pillows and throws. If the bed is varnished wood and you don’t want to cover the original finish with paint, you can buy easily-removable accessories to stick on the bed. You’ll be able to achieve the same kind of magic without the permanence.

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