30 Stunning Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

Stunning Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas 04

What could be more charming than a wedding right in your own backyard? There is nothing quite like the comforts of home, and an informal backyard wedding can be a great place to hold your wedding celebration. Take a look at these ideas for wonderful backyard weddings.

If your wedding will take place during the daytime, you will want to offer some shade for your guests. A formal tent might feel a bit stuffy for a backyard reception, so think about patio tables with big festive umbrellas for the seating. Make them extra special by wrapping garlands of fresh daisies around the umbrella posts.

Another idea is to set up a garden “lounge” area under a large awning or in a gazebo. Wicker or teak furniture with comfy cushions will make for an inviting place to relax. The seating for a backyard wedding need not be fancy, but it should make your guests feel at ease. Long family style picnic tables with wooden benches can be surprisingly comfortable, and will feel steadier on grass than folding chairs.

Drape the tables with weighted tablecloths or use colorful runners down the center to add style. If using the round tables with umbrellas, choose tablecloths that complement the colors in the umbrellas for a coordinated effect. Try mixing patterns, such as a floral and a stripe to keep the feeling light and carefree.

There are many great ways to decorate a backyard for a wedding. Paper lanterns are one of the easiest way to transform a yard into a party. They can look great for any style of wedding, whether you are having a super casual party or more of a romantic garden party. The classic round lanterns are pretty and affordable; if you want to splurge, think about getting more elaborate glass lanterns with unique forms. Using lanterns as a repeating design element throughout the backyard will help to unify the space.

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