33 Lovely Modern Villa Exterior Design Ideas Luxury Look

Lovely Modern Villa Exterior Design Ideas Luxury Look 18

The basic aspect of architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills is the use of international style of architecture. Hollywood Hills is an attractive residential area in California. Many Hollywood celebrities live here and hence there is lot of glamor attached to living in this locality.

It lies in the eastern end of Santa Monica Mountains and includes foothills, green hill, and a number of beautifully designed homes. The rectilinear shape of these homes is an important aspect of this architecture. There are light and rigid flat surfaces which are devoid of embellishments or decorations.

The interior of the homes contains wide-open spaces. Mainly glass and steel with less of reinforced concrete are used in construction. The modern trend is characterized by inexpensive and practical structural designs which incorporate novel modern materials and at the same time exhibit an artistic feel. Most of these houses are of two or three stories. The landscape around Hollywood hills is breathtaking with Pacific Ocean view on one side and valley on another side. Such magnificent scenery viewed from your architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills has its own mind-calming influence.

There are various types of architectural designed home in Hollywood Hills catering to the tastes of many kinds of real estate buyers. There are American style bungalows, Mediterranean type villas, Tudor style estates, Spanish charmers, Mid-century homes, Hillside cottages and Gated Estates. American bungalow style constructions have features like one and half stories, central living room, low pitched horizontal roof, fitted shelves and cabinets.

The Mediterranean style architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills are characterized by exterior colors, stucco type architecture design, low pitched red tile roof, arched entrance doors and domed windows. The Tudor style is signified by massive chimneys, sharply pitched roofs, high and narrow windows and small window panels. Patterned stonework or brickwork is a distinguishing feature of this style. The Mid-century homes have post and beam construction style, flat roofs and expansive windows. The modern style homes as discussed earlier are simple in design, functionally elegant and are of comfortable style.

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