32 The Best Indoor Living Wall Decor Ideas For Your Interior Design

The Best Indoor Living Wall Decor Ideas For Your Interior Design 12

We humans evolved surrounded by plants, no wonder we find them so easy on the eye. No home or office interior is complete without at least a few plants, just two or three small indoor plants can make a difference to any interior space and a few larger houseplants in elegant pots can completely transform a room.

House plants are an interior design accessory back in fashion. There are many new houseplant varieties now available, as well as the old favourites, providing a bewildering choice of size, form and colour to complement any design theme.

If you are starting your design from scratch think about plants and containers early, as plant displays are relatively inexpensive they may be used to replace more expensive items such as artwork and help with your budget. Co-ordinating the colour of containers with your overall colour theme is also worth thinking about at an early stage.

Plants work with any interior design style. The inclusion of plants can soften and “warm” minimalistic designs without making them appear cluttered and detracting from the overall theme. Plants such as the funky looking Pony Tail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) are excellent in this respect. Elegant palms such as the Kentia palm (Howea fosteriana) or the Areca palm blend well in more classic interior styles.

Foliage plants can fill that dead space with living sculpture. For example, a large area of plain wall can be a design challenge – but this provides the perfect visual foil for plants such as the architectural Dragon tree family (Dracaena). The variety Dracaena “Janet Craig”, with its large dark green fleshy foliage and upright habit, is a particularly good example.

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