30 Nice Easter Basket Design Ideas For Kids

Nice Easter Basket Design Ideas For Kids 29

Every society has one or more traditions that the people in that society perform yearly or periodically as the case may be. Sometimes these traditions have been handed down to many generations and as a result the history or the story behind the tradition may be lost.

This means that people may simply carry on the tradition for the sake of retaining such tradition without knowing the reason or story behind it. Easter egg hunt for kids on Easter Sunday (after the Easter Sunday Mass) is one of those traditions in some Christian Churches that many people do not have any idea of the history or the story behind.

There are two major annual Christian celebrations- Christmas and Easter. During each of these celebrations the Christian communities ensure that the youngest members of their communities are not left out in the celebration. They organize activities for the children to help them understand and appreciate what is being celebrated. During the Christmas celebration parishes organize the children in their parishes to enact Nativity scene. Many children play different roles in the Nativity scene, such as angels, shepherds, drummer boy, Mary or Joseph. This enactment of the Nativity is culminated with Christmas party for them on the Christmas Eve. In all children have a lot of fun during the Christmas celebration.

Unfortunately the nature of the Easter Mystery and its celebration make it very difficult to enact the Passion and Resurrection of Christ in a way that children will understand and appreciate. Besides the ability to have children enact the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, the Holy week that leads to Easter Sunday is jam packed with a lot of activities that children are almost forgotten during the Easter celebration. To ensure that the youngest members of their communities are not forgotten, parishes organize Easter egg hunt for the kids. After Easter Sunday Mass children run around the church premises with their beautifully decorated Easter baskets in search for the hard boiled Easter eggs that are hidden in different places within the parish premises.

Parents buy Easter baskets that have linen for their kids and have their kids bring the Easter baskets to the church on Easter Sunday when coming to Mass. In these Easter baskets kids will put all the Easter eggs they will find when they go hunting for the Easter eggs.

Easter baskets are available in many colors and sizes, and also the linens for the Easter basket are available in many colors. Many Easter baskets do not come with monogram on them, but monogramming is very easy to do, so parents that want monograms on their kid’s Easter baskets can easily have that done.

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