34 The Best Easter Outdoor Decor Ideas

The Best Easter Outdoor Decor Ideas 02

Easter is on its way and its early this year so be sure you take the proper steps to decorate in style! Whether you are having guests over for a special dinner or event or just want to create a seasonal look around your home for the holidays, you will be able to use these great Easter ideas.

You can also tailor or tweak them in any way you see fit to meet your needs. For many people decorating, the outside of your home can be just as fun as your indoor holiday décor. There are many great ways to decorate for Easter outside.

Some commercial products, such as large, blow up Easter bunnies or eggs, can be purchased to decorate outside or you may choose to use your creativity and create your own outdoor scene. You can hang eggs from your tree or place a giant bunny on the lawn. You may decide to go with a religious theme that describes your beliefs of this holiday. It’s all up to you.

When decorating outside for Easter just remember these tips:

  1. Be careful of anything that will be damaged with the weather (wind, morning dew, possible rain)
  2. Be cautious using real eggs outdoors as animals may be attracted to them
  3. Follow safety precautions if using lights or electrical decorations

For many families, Easter dinner is a big deal. It’s the center of the holiday events so why not have a centerpiece they will make a lasting impression? When decorating your table, the centerpiece can be one of the most important parts of your holiday décor. There are many commercial centerpieces that can be bought and used as décor or you can have fun and create your own. A basket full of hand decorated eggs is one great idea. Try using eggs that the whole family has decorated together and then display them in your centerpiece at Easter breakfast or dinner.

Other ways to decorate your Easter table are with:

  • A homemade Easter tablecloth
  • Easter napkin rings
  • Flowers on the table or for the centerpieces (Easter lilies are a great choice!)
  • Chair decorations

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