34 The Best Stone Moon Gate Design Ideas For Your Garden

The Best Stone Moon Gate Design Ideas For Your Garden 03

An arched fence gate is a great way to make a first impression on anyone who has the pleasure of visiting your garden. An arch is more than just a nice design element. It is a symbol of a physical and emotional threshold. As you walk through the archway you experience a feeling that you have ‘arrived’.

That is why, for many, this luxury design element is a great way to make their backyard feel a little more like home. For a gate that will make your friends and neighbors want to come back again and again for garden parties and happy hours, here are four different ideas for incorporating the classic design element of the arch.

By rounding the top of your gate, you create a warm, more inviting gate to pass through than the typical square-top gate. These are the easiest type of gates, as they are no different than building a standard fence with a gate, so they can often be bought or built at a low cost. This type of gate is perfect for picket fences and other low fences under six feet tall.

As your guest’s walk underneath your ivy-covered arch, they will feel as though they had been transported into a magical place. Providing a portal through which you actually have to pass through to get to your delightful garden will have an emotional impact on guests that is sure to delight. Your backyard will become the new place for happy hour or weekend barbecues. A common luxury element used with an arbor is to hang a pendant light from the top of the arch. This presents an incredibly powerful image, evoking security and warmth, particularly on a foggy night.

While wooden gates provide warmth and privacy, many people prefer cast-iron as it allows them to see out, yet still provides a strong image of security to passersby. Alternately you can use cast iron or metal filigree between windows cut into a wooden gate to blend the two materials for an attractive finish. A stone or adobe archway is always an impressive engineering feat, and can really anchor both your fence and backyard landscaping.

Using salvage materials to build a custom-designed gate can be a long process, but one that more and more homeowners are gladly taking on for a beautiful gated fence with zero environmental impact. By keeping your eyes open for salvaged wood, metal, and other materials, over the course of a few months you can likely build a gorgeous fence without spending a dime! Better still, your gate and fence can evolve over time to match your finds from the dump and around the neighborhood.

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