34 Stunning Baby Room Design Ideas

Stunning Baby Room Design Ideas 20

hh the baby’s room; that too-cute space primed for pastels, stuffed animals and frilly or little-man outfits for the zero-to-three-month set.

Busy moms strive to furnish it with the bare essentials, and decorate it with a gender-appropriate (or neutral) theme, before baby arrives. Because, realistically, beyond a bed, monitor, diaper disposal system and colour scheme, what does a baby really need in his or her new crib?

Plenty, local baby stores and online retailers will have you believe. Most hand out, or post, nursery checklists, so new moms won’t forget to buy a diaper stacker, bottle warmer and mobile when they’re in purchasing a nursing pillow.

Before you wonder aloud, “What’s a diaper stacker?”, take heart. The Herald talked to four local moms to get the low-down on nursery must-haves, as well as over-rated accessories they can live without. Baby room Ideas that you must have:

Sleep sack. Deveau swears by daughter Kate’s Grobag sleep sack. She can’t kick it off in the middle of the night and it prevents her from leveraging her legs to climb out of the crib. Since blankets aren’t recommended for newborns, sleep sacks provide warmth, safety and security.

White noise source. You can’t control your neighbour’s barking dog, but you can block it out with a noise machine or fan, says Deveau. Kate cuddles a Sleep Sheep lovey that stashes a small noise machine. It can be set to play whale, rain, ocean or river sounds for 20- or 45-minute intervals.

L-shaped nursing pillow. A proper pillow with a high fill will lift baby up to the right height for comfortable nursing or bottle feeding. Deveau suggests buying one halfway through the pregnancy to use as a body pillow at night.

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