33 Beautiful Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas 01

Of all the dining room tips available, the following ideas for a small dining room are probably the most useful to most people. Few people have large separate dining rooms, such facilities either comprising part of the kitchen or the living room, or are small rooms with limited floor area.

Light colors tend to open out a room while dark shades tend to make it look smaller. However, light need not mean drab, and whites and pastels can be accented with a bright contrasting color. This is particularly effective when color is use to draw attention to specific decorative elements.

The more natural light the better, so keep your windows as large as possible. A single large pane of glass looks more spacious than multiple smaller panes. Minimize window furnishings such as curtains and avoid dark curtains. Bright colors can accentuate the light coming through a window, and many choose bright yellow or red curtains to contrast with white wooden or vinyl frames.

Mirrors not only make good use of light, but also make a room appear larger, particularly if they reflect each other. Two or three slightly angled mirrors reflecting a single light source can make a small chandelier, or even spotlights, go much further. Arranging mirrors to reflect sparkling glassware or silver will also increase the apparent size of a room.

One of the more useful dining room tips that you do not often find is to deaden the acoustics in the room. A small room with plain walls and woodblock flooring will reflect sound waves, so that conversation will appear to boom and reverberate, particularly as the evening goes on and the wine starts to take effect!

If you have a small dining room, your furniture should be chosen accordingly. By choosing a round dining table there will appear to be more space around the room’s perimeter. You can also seat more people at a round table for the available space, and if it has a pedestal base then you have no worries about table legs getting in the way of guests’ legs!

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