36 Wonderful Black Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Looks Classy

Wonderful Black Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Looks Classy 32

Bathrooms are place for refuge and serenity. They are personal spaces that should reflect our personalities in a way that makes us feel relaxed and carefree.

Bathrooms, by in large, have greatly evolved over the years starting as purely functional spaces that take up as little square footage as possible to the rooms that they are now. Today’s bathrooms are more like rooms that also house baths and showers that fully take on the meaning of “restroom”.

Many bathrooms have furniture to provide comfortable seating to take off shoes at the end of a long day. This increasingly popular trend has significantly influenced the stone industry, and more specifically the use of marble.

Marble has long been known as the more sophisticated and elegant stone when compared to granite, soapstone, and slate. Its delicate veining and soft color range are just the initial reasons that marble is ideal in bathrooms. Marble is a softer stone that reflects light in a subtle manner that is attractive and evokes a breathtaking reaction. This striking stone has become one of the most popular choices for bathrooms. It is being used for flooring, vanity countertops, shower surrounds, and bathtubs.

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