31 Stunning Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

Stunning Modern Fireplace Design Ideas 04

There are many different ideas for creating modern fireplaces. In most instances, the fireplace is considered to be the focal point when it comes to interior decorating and the living area as a whole. In today’s home, the traditional fireplace is nearly nonexistent.

This is because many individuals have discovered unique styles and designs that truly add a touch of elegance to the room where the fireplace is located.

Naturally, the overall functionality of the standard fireplace is much the same as any traditional unit; however, the outward appearance has drastically changed! In this guide, I will share some ideas for creating modern fireplaces in the home. The sectional fireplace is a new and innovative idea that many homeowners are starting to integrate in their home. The clarity of this particular design is unique, yet very simple. The fireplace is simply inserted in a certain area of the wall, then, there is a separate section on the side that is where the wood is placed.

The best way to describe this section is that it is reflective of a cubby hole type system. The flooring by the fireplace is typically decorated with ceramic type tile, and then a shelf may be installed somewhere above the unit. If you are looking for a modern, yet appealing design for your home, this may be one that appeals to you. You will find as you research designs for modern fireplaces that most units are created using boxes that are considered to be prefabricated. The appearance is not considered to be based so much on functionality as it once was. Now, the outward appearance is more expressive, more “personality” based.

However, it is important to know and understand that these new expressions in fire and heating technology must still follow all the codes and regulations as far as distances, combustion, and materials. The only thing that is not regulated is the type of decorative touch that you add to the fireplace – just so long as all other standards are held at bay. There are many decorative ways to modernize the fireplace that you choose to install in your home. You can use a shadow box type effect, build the unit flat into the wall, make it smaller, make it larger, add shelving, and other types of designs. The choice is truly yours to make. You can find ideas for creating modern fireplaces on the internet, in home improvement stores, and many other places.

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