36 Stunning Apartment Bedroom Decor For Couples Look Romantic

Stunning Apartment Bedroom Decor For Couples Look Romantic 04

Unless you are a single woman, who can control what mess you leave behind, it is likely that your bedroom is shared with someone fabulous but who doesn’t think that plumping the bed up with pillows and bolster cushions are a priority each morning. Most of us need our bedroom to be functional and contain wardrobes, chests of drawers, maybe a TV, oh and lots of shoes.

Your bedroom should be a haven for rest and recuperation and designers seem to agree that walls should be painted a pale shade. Simple stone shades, dusky whites or soft shades of cream, green and blue work well and provide a great back-drop to the beautiful new bed linens you are about to treat yourself to.

There is a bit of a revival going on with the use of wallpaper in bedrooms. There are more patterns, suiting a wider range of budgets available than ever before. They have even introduced pre-pasted wallpaper to reduce the mess involved and make it easier to hang. You could try a heavily patterned wallpaper behind your bed as a feature wall. We suggest you only use heavily patterned wallpapers that are made of the same tones. Using a strong pattern that has many colors won’t create a restful space.

If the wallpaper is not your thing, look for a pre-cut stencil and create a delicate border. Don’t just slap a border around the room like a bad dado-rail. Be creative. Maybe just add a pretty border around your window frame or your favorite mirror. Or follow the skirting boards and the door frame. Think before you stencil. The focal point of the room is, naturally, the bed so don’t be afraid to be as imaginative and decorative as you like. There is a wide selection of beds available in many different materials. The most sturdy options would be made of solid wood or wrought iron. Use throws and cushions with different textures and use a range of florals, spots, stripes, and frills but all in complementary tones.

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