38 Inspiring Valentine Bathroom Decor Ideas

Inspiring Valentine Bathroom Decor Ideas 32

Hugs, kisses, flirting, red roses, coffee, Swiss chocolates, exotic dinner with wine followed by a romantic walk on the beach – what’s your idea of spending a special Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart? Organize a movie night at home on the couch, cuddling all the while during a romantic movie. Although Valentine’s Day evening will boast of many romantic flicks being aired on TV, it is a great idea to rent or buy a DVD to avoid the commercial breaks on TV.

SMS romantic messages to your partner during the day. How about something like “Just finished reading ‘Love Story’, but quite frankly, our love story outdoes any other on earth.” Take a walk with your beloved. Plan a beautiful walk in the moonlight, on the beach or through a favorite street of yours. Hold hands and cherish each and every moment.

Organize an unexpected holiday. Take your partner by surprise and whisk them away to a vacation spot, as simple or as exotic as you can plan. The idea is to get away from everyday life and spend time with each other. Where you go is not of consequence. Booking a hotel in your city is a great way to explore a property in your own city and save on travel expenses. Plan a romantic massage. Either make a reservation at a couples massage spa or plan for one right at your home. You can invite masseurs or give your partner a massage yourself. Candles and aromatic oils will add to the pleasure.

Prepare a romantic breakfast in bed with heart-shaped toasts, berries, and fruits, messages written with chocolate sauce on pancakes, etc. Serve with a love message rolled in between or a card and flowers. Plan an active Valentine’s Day date. Plan a picnic, berry picking, camping or skiing depending upon the weather conditions in your area. Pack a homemade lunch and a bottle of wine or champagne with flutes. Find a hotspot at home to celebrate. What’s your favorite romantic corner of the house? It could be the kitchen, the bedroom, the fireplace, the balcony or even the bathroom. Decorate the space with candles and roses and settle down for a cozy evening together.

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