40 Popular Valentine Bedroom Decor Ideas You Should Try

Popular Valentine Bedroom Decor Ideas You Should Try 36

You’re probably tired of reading articles on how to decorate your dining room for Valentine’s, how to decorate your table for the perfect Valentine dinner or how to create the perfect Valentine’s gift. You want to bring that special interior design into your bedroom. You want a d├ęcor to inspire your spouse, to pamper your senses and to arouse your passion. And Valentine makes your job easy, even if you don’t know it yet.

Red is the predominant color and its meanings are not as simple as you might believe. Red is a paradox. It warns and arouses, it stands for both love and hate. In battle, a red flag is a call to arms. And what better day to share passionate love than Valentine’s? However, you should know that too much red is stressful and might provoke negative reactions.

On the other hand, guys don’t like to swim in a sea of pink satin and laces. So stay away from all-pink decorations too. The best approach is a combination of the three: white for the purity of your feelings, red for the passion of your love and pink to embody your feminine beauty. A bed where red satin sheets contrast with a heart-shaped white pillow is really inviting and so is a bed of white satin sheets that contrast with red pillows. But when your bed is all-red don’t over-do-it by adding red lights, red candles, red curtains or red carpets to your interior design. Remember to balance the colors and the shades to create a comfortable atmosphere and not a battlefield.

Imagine the following bedroom scenery: a white satin bed, on which you sprinkled pink rose petals while the light from the red candles you placed in a few discrete spots of the room creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You could even create your own romantic canopy: lace or a vaporous fabric hanging from the ceiling above the bed to create the cozy, luxurious feeling of a 19th-century bed. Probably the most daring and beautiful decors for a romantic bedroom are the African artifacts, rich in erotic and fertility symbols. Red, orange, yellow and other warm colors are predominant in African art. The ebony figures add a plus of mystic and mystery to your Valentine interior design decorations.

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