34 Beautiful Candle Centerpieces Best For Valentine Wedding Dinner

Beautiful Candle Centerpieces Best For Valentine Wedding Dinner 04

The right centerpieces will really make your wedding reception beautiful. It is not just flowers that make lovely decorations, either. Nothing creates a romantic ambiance quite like these candle centerpiece ideas. Candles have a lot to offer for wedding decorations. They are versatile, romantic, and inexpensive. They can be quite an easy element to work with for the bride who wants to make her own centerpieces, which is an added bonus.

In fact, your own problem may be narrowing it down to one favorite candle centerpiece design. For classic weddings, try traditional candle centerpieces, such as ornate crystal candelabras. These are a wonderful addition to a ballroom wedding, and have a great feeling of timeless elegance, much like a set of pearl earrings.

To make it even more opulent, try draping some strands of crystals around the candelabra. Bring in some color with scattered rose petals around the base of the candelabra, or even with individual flowers in tiny vases in front of each place setting. Candles are not only for ballroom receptions. If your wedding will be outdoors, a tall chunky candle in a hurricane lantern is ideal. It can be decorated according to the theme or location of your wedding.

Having a beach wedding? Layout striped blue and white tablecloths with a crisp nautical feeling. Sprinkle a pile of sand in the center and nestle the hurricane into it. Then finish it off with an assortment of shells, sand dollars, starfish and coral arranged around the base of the lantern. For a garden wedding, you could take the same starting point with the hurricane candle centerpiece, and instead of the nautical artifacts, surround it with a beautiful floral wreath. Or arrange a bed of greens and red berries around the hurricane lantern for a Christmas wedding. It is an amazingly versatile type of centerpiece.

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