34 Inspiring Backyard Camping Ideas For Family Time

Inspiring Backyard Camping Ideas For Family Time 15

Used tent trailers are great for families who want to “rough it” closer to home. All the comforts of traditional tent camping and an RV, but easier on the wallet and you can store it in your garage.

What camping experience is complete without the food? Your first thoughts will probably be to just camp out of your refrigerator or pantry, but this is a bad idea. Keep with an authentic camping experience and bring a cooler outside with everything you need.

You can easily buy a fire pit from Home Depot that’s safe for urban zoning use. Pile it with wood you bought or leaves, and light it up. Be careful to build it far enough away from your tent trailer so you can avoid any problems. Teaching your children how to build a fire is a valuable skill and good memories that will last them a lifetime.

It’s a time-honored tradition when camping, especially around a fire. You can get everyone involved in mutual storytelling, where everyone has to finish the last person’s story and improve on it. With a light and a pair of hands, you can tell stories on the wall of your used tent trailer, as an alternative to ghost stories for younger children or to wind them down before it’s time to go to sleep. You can have one child readout of the book, while you and another act out the scenes on the wall.

Before you move everyone outside for camping, pack up a cooler filled with random things you find around your house. Divide everyone up into even groups, and hand out props at random to everyone. Everyone gets two minutes to come up with a story about the weird objects, whoever thinks up the best story wins.

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