36 Awesome Spring Decor Ideas You Must Copy

Awesome Spring Decor Ideas You Must Copy 18

Light-hearted and ethereal are the buzz words that best describe the 2020 Spring Decorating Trends. The focus is on a neutral background of cream, white or beige with pops of color and style inspiration found in the accessories, fabrics, and furniture arrangements. There is also a trend toward money-saving updates that make a big impact on a budget.

In the Spring Decorating Trends for furniture, one sees the return of light or mid-tone natural wood finishes signaling that dark woods are on the way out. White or black lacquered surfaces are popular and reflect the light, a very desired element this Spring.

Specific design styles are optional and should be chosen with one’s own personality in mind, as a modern, traditional, country or mixed styles will all suit the season, perfectly. There is a trend toward small conversational groupings instead of large bulky arrangements. So, think about how rooms can be rearranged to create cozy and well-defined seating areas that are more intimate than the wide-open spaces of past years.

Popular fabrics this season include woven materials or simple tweeds in neutral colors with hints of metallic threads, here and there, to visually lighten up the heavy fabrics. Faux fur and textured knobby fabrics are making a come back. Alternately, plaid, stripes, houndstooth patterns, or modern florals, especially white prints on bold colored backgrounds make an impact that is spot-on this year.

The use of color this spring mirrors the general trend of neutral backgrounds with bright pops of jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, golden yellow, and sapphire blue. Gold, silver, and other metallic elements are back this season, big-time. As are mirrored or lucite furniture or accessories that lend a magical effect to any room. All of these accents add interest or bling to the mostly neutral walls and draperies.

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