Popular Summer Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Popular Summer Coffee Table Decor Ideas 22

Decorating your home for the seasons is a particularly exciting and very fun thing to do. When you decorate for summer you usually will use brighter colors that are vibrant and light. When you decorate for fall you typically go with more subdued earth tones like orange and brown.

The first part of decorating your coffee table is to consider whether or not you want to use a cover for it. Lighten up dark wood coffee tables, side tables or bookshelves with salmon pink or eggshell blue. Even painting the inside of a dark bookshelf a bright, summery color can freshen up a room considerably.

Using a foam ring from your local craft store with fake leaves can be an excellent fall-based centerpiece. Then all you need to add is a scented candle to the middle of the foam ring and voila, your centerpiece is finished. Next, you want to try and ad similar types of small pieces for the furniture around the coffee table to complete the look. Add similar smaller candles with smaller leaf rings to your end tables, your mantle, or even on the top of your television.

Paint is a simple tool that can be used to create a summer atmosphere in any room of your home. Brighten up a living room with lime green walls, a dining room with canary yellow, or a playroom with creamsicle orange. White is the perennial summery non-color. Repainting walls, bookshelves, coffee tables, and even framed mirrors a cool, crisp white will transform any room. With all that white, don’t be surprised if you and your family feel like you’ve been instantly transported to Miami Beach. Fresh Flowers will give your house a fresh summer look and scent. Keep water in vases clean by changing it often, and throw out flowers as soon as they begin to wilt, replacing them with a different bright selection.

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