Fabulous Industrial Dining Room Design Ideas

Fabulous Industrial Dining Room Design Ideas 28

Home, as a safe haven in the middle of an uncertain and stressful outside world, is a basic conceptual starting point of the housing industry, which turned again to the fundamental values of life, as it is often pointed out in recent years. Comfort among our four walls has a great value nowadays, and that comfort is not “reserved” anymore for the living room and bedroom only, but has spread to every corner of the apartment.

Among other things, that is a logical consequence of a fact there are no strict boundaries between the rooms any more in modern homes. Everything is open, connected, as designers like to say, fluid. High comfort is today usually emphasized in dining rooms which clearly are not just a passing place for dining anymore, but a sort of culinary “island” for relaxing and socializing.

On leading international interior design exhibitions recently held in Paris, Cologne, and Frankfurt, highly comfort dining rooms are listed among the major trends in modern home decoration. With a distance from traditional, solid dining room furniture, the lighter and rounder shaped chairs and benches are used, together with similar armchairs and couches, made in a way that they can be combined with other parts of furniture or stand-alone. Especially modern are large, spacious dining room tables that can be folded if necessary.

In a common modern manner of minimalism, most dining rooms are emphasized by simple lines and white or light grey tones, but there is a lot of black colors that sparkles extravagance too. Dining room furniture of unusual form is very good looking especially in lively colored variants such as red and orange. Particularly interesting are combinations of wood with glass and steel, but high gloss piano finish is nowadays very popular too.

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