Wonderful White Bathroom Design Ideas Look Clean

Wonderful White Bathroom Design Ideas Look Clean 21

When you think of an all-white bathroom, do you envisage a room that’s just a little too stark and clinical to be cozy? White is a great color for the bathroom: it’s clean and fresh and easy to accessorize. Just about everything you might need is available in white, including a huge range of bathroom suites, and often white fittings can be cheaper than colored or wood-toned pieces.

The key to decorating a room in white is to vary the shades of white that you use. Whites can be either blue or yellow toned. The difference can be almost imperceptible you’ll find that creamier whites make a room feel warmer, while sharper white tones are fresh and bright.

If you use an accent color in your white bathroom, choose one which complements your shade of white: a tiled feature wall in silver or pewter might suit a bathroom scheme of cooler, fresher whites, while warm wooden tones, rattan storage baskets, and sage green paintwork could suit a creamier shade of white. Incorporating different textures can help to add depth to a scheme. One way of adding some subtle texture to your bathroom is to add wood paneling, painted in white.

A creamy white in particular will make this feature look warm and inviting, and wood paneling can be less costly than tile. In colder months, chunky, cable knitted bathmats and cozy towels can be added to warm your bathroom up. White bathroom furniture is often the ‘budget’ option: it’s a common finish that can be accessorized very easily and suits most room schemes. Laminate bathroom furniture is durable and easy to care for. Choosing a less expensive set of bathroom furniture means that you can accessorize to your heart’s content, add your favorite style of decor, and splash out on good quality, well made, attractive brassware that will lift the look of your whole bathroom.

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